Do You Have A Website that is not relevant to the domain name?

Do You Have A Domain Name that does not have Relevant Web Content?  

The information below will inspire you. Avoid low quality landing web page

All about your website:

>>>Keyword research

>>>Content research management

>>>Domain name finder

Keyword research

quality website content

Before we start any Search Engine Optimization project, we research exactly what your target market is searching for to find your product or service. This is an important step, because if you’re optimizing your content for the wrong types of phrases, your site is visible to the wrong target market.

We use a variety of tools to perform keyword research for your site, starting with an in-depth interview with you to define the profile of your ideal customer. From there, we then narrow down the phrases that are appropriate for the pages on your site.

Content Research and management

Content is one of the most crucial parts of a website. One web guru stated that content and copy writing can make or break a website. Wrong, out-of-date or poorly done content can cause your website to fail.

There are more than 100,000 content-rich searchable databases available on the Web. (Bright Planet Report) There are an estimated 500 billion individual documents on the Web.

Content research can be time consuming and frustrating for the novice. Trying to get the right web content sometimes seems beyond reason. On the internet, links go bad, or lead to strange places, and then there are the libraries and books by the ton.

We help you by doing all the research for your website. We can provide articles relating to your site, useful links, and much more. We provide the information and the sources.

You may ask this question: How do I know what you send me is what I need?

We give information on the topics you give us. We find what is relevant to that topic and don’t wander around it. It is easy for the novice to wander around and find everything but may not be relevant to the site. Our job is to stay on topic and provide only relevant material to that topic.

Domain Finder

Niche software allows us to find a relevant domain name according to your business activities. An optimized domain name that will easily bring your website on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. We guarantee, this is possible for you.

Content Publishing Service

Now that you’ve got a nice blog, you want to do more with it and start posting content. This service is only for those who are using Word press. We can, under your instruction, submit every week a new post or article directly to your blog. We just need your admin username and password.

Do Not Wait!  TEST US, We will give you 01 page free content writing.

We Can Rewrite Your Website Content at R300 per page and we GUARANTEE this will increase Traffic.

How it works?

With our NICHE tools, we do  keyword research on your website and build a report of the top keywords you should be targeting with your site – low competition, high traffic key terms that will get the best visitors for your niche. Once we’ve researched your keyword, we build a quality, we find related royalty-free images or YouTube videos to include in the content, giving it the special “finishing touch” that Google loves.

Once that work is done, we email you the article or the page  as a Word document – ready to paste in to your blog or website.

After your article is posted to your site, you can resubmit your website to Google or if your website is optimized by Us, we will then update the sitemap and resubmit the website to  Google with the new post or new content.