Do you need a E-learning website for your education business?

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E-Learning Programme is a Modern learning system, bundle with key enterprise functionality ranging from skills gap analysis and branch management tailor med report, it is a software design to present learning platform on internet.

The purpose of E-learning is to create a relationship between the teacher, the learner, the parents and the school principal.

What do you get if you use E-learning?

1-Emphasize on user experience

The user can be a learner, teacher, coordinator or the school principal

E-learning programme is a Surveys engine, the user can organise surveys to pop them from internet to hear from parents and learners.

  1. An unified learning environment

2.1- Learning path: restrict the way courses can be completed or course content can be viewed

2.2- Content friendly

Build courses by re-using the presentations or videos you already have or by consuming content from web sources

2-3-Blended learning

Mix E-learning with instructor led – training, delivers instructor led training events, either in the classroom or via video conferencing.


2.4- Rich communication tools

 The programme has tools to support internal emails messages, calendar and discussion forum

2.5- E-commerce

We offer extensive support for E-commerce e.g. sell course via Pay pal

2.6- Skills

This programme comes with all the needed tools to develop skills not just training

There is a difference between training and skills development

2.7- Users types

Limit user‘s access to certain functionality via user types, example, the principal can see the teacher, learner and the parent but the learner can only see his account.

The teacher can see his learners and the parents

The parent can see his account and the learner

The director can see the principal, the learner, the teacher and the parent.

3- The best test engine

*This programme is a test engine having friendly tools to do evaluations (to evaluate the learner and the teacher)

This programme support multiple types of questions and variety of test types, extensive reporting on test result.

4- A multitude of Social Tools

A multiple of social tools means social media; the most social media tool is sharing files.

So this programme has an ability to share files with selected users.

 It also does files repository in such a way you can organize, reuse the files before sharing them.

5- Extended reports and analytics

This programme presents analytic reports which can be accessed on internet.

6- Sample:

The sample can be viewed by browsing


Login as learner:

Username: Learner

Password: 2016daniel

Contact Us to get the Principal and Teacher Login details.

Do you need a E-learning website for your education business?

Contact Now Daniel Web-Builders and Marketing cc

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